Syrian Chemical Attack Survivor Has An EPIC Message For Trump And All His Haters

Donald Trump took his job as President very seriously on Thursday, as he handed out swift retaliation on Syria for their horrible crimes against their own people. His lack of acceptance of the Syran government’s actions is something that hasn’t been seen in the United States in quite some time, and it’s got many liberals very wound up.

Unfortunately this party of compassion and love feels like we should have looked the other way when we saw what was happening to the citizenz in the middle east, and only interviene if they wanted to come here and live with us.

CNN decided to interview one Syrian survivor to see what he had to say about President Trump bombing his country.


They did their best to bait him with that clip of Hillary, but this guy wasn’t moved. He lives this hell, and he knows it’s not a game of political chess, it’s life and death. Yes, pictures of dying babies are a good way to make people feel guilty but that’s nothing compared to if that dying baby is your own flesh and blood.

This Syrian makes such a good point about the hypocrisy of Americans that boycott the travel ban but have nothing to say about the chemical attack. Maybe they were less upset about the refugee’s ane more upset that they were banned from anything they might want to do.

If you want to know what differientates the views of entitleed Americans and people from other nations, it’s that incredible sense of gratitude that someone would stand up for them. We expect so much, we’ve been told that as American’s we deserve so much. They have so little and are greatful for everything. They don’t want to become refugee’s they want to stay in their homeland.

The one thing that attracts so many people to the liberal parties is that they’re supposedly extremely compassionate. That is pretty much their one good quality, and where they get their least un-flattering nick-name; bleeding hearts. Supposedly, they want everyone to have every basic right ensured for them. Food, housing, medical attention, education. No matter who’s pocket it comes out of, they want everyone to have it. But letting a sadistic dictator gas his own people, that we should let slide. Liberals, as a whole, basically have just this one good quality and it turns out that it’s a sham too; another ploy to recrute the young and nieve¬†when they don’t really care about people.

Here we have a young man who’s seen his friends and family die horrible deaths, telling you what the right thing to believe is. Let’s take it from him, he would know.

(Source: The Blaze)