NBC ‘Reporter’ Goes To North Korea And Likes What He Sees – ‘A Sense Of Optimism…’

The Winter Olympics are right around the corner, and since they happen to be in South Korea, there’s obviously a lot of talk about how the games may influence relations between the north and south. Unfortunately for everyone, NBC will be the network covering the games, which means like always, there will be plenty of propaganda and generally bad reporting throughout.

Before the games have even started, NBC has already embarrassed itself, as reporter Lester Holt spouted some pro-North Korea propaganda on air, apparently forgetting the murderous nature of the despotic regime.

As reported at Fox News, Holt was able to visit a Potemkin Village across the border in North Korea, and rather than understanding that what he was being allowed to see was an area set up by the government to make them look good, he bought it hook, line, and sinker.

It’s the oldest trick in the book, for tyrannical countries to give reporters a tour of things, showing them only what they want them to see. It’s pure kabuki theater and everyone with an ounce of common sense knows this.

Whether he was aware or not, Holt gave a cheery report from a ski resort in North Korea, which appeared to be bustling with visitors. However, it’s widely known that the “resort” and area is an actual ghost town.

The resort, which was built to create the appearance of a prosperous nation, was largely deserted during peak 2017 ski season, according to multiple reports. But it just so happens that Holt’s visit coincided with a flood of visitors, all wearing nearly identical clothing and having a jolly good time.

The resort is a “source of immense pride for a country trying to present a new and modern face to the world,” Holt said during his report. Yes, Lester, they’re trying so, so hard to be modern and present anything other than their nukes to the world.

Insiders at NBC say that many of the other journalists were cringing when they saw Holt’s report.

Who produced this garbage?” asked an NBC insider. “It is field producing 101 — don’t do a standup somewhere that’s been staged by a dictatorial regime.”

Holt’s report has been slammed across the spectrum, with even Trump’s nominee for US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell giving him a lashing on Twitter.

“Pro tip for @LesterHoltNBC: when everyone is wearing matching jackets it is a staged event,” Grenell wrote. Furthermore, most other outlets have condemned rosy depictions of the authoritarian regime.

It’s been reported that the state-of-the-art resort cost the Kim regime $35 million to build, even with slave labor, while most of the country starved,” the Daily Mail wrote. “It is a bizarre thing to prioritize in an impoverished nation with a ramshackle infrastructure where around 40 percent of its people are undernourished.”

Yes, NBC is eager to promote next month’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. But that hardly required anyone to travel north of the DMZ to film propaganda for a regime that enslaves 25 million people — and holds another 50 million southerners as quasi-hostages, under constant (if low-grade) threat of war,” another critical editorial said.

The report speaks for itself. Unless he was fearing for his life should he say something negative, there’s no excuse for him to spout such garbage. The fact that he’s a relative bigwig on NBC’s crew is an indictment of the network’s complete incompetence.

Meanwhile, these same clowns spout lies and half-truths about Trump with impunity. It goes to show you where their priorities are, how they’re willing to talk good about a regime that’s killed millions of its citizens, yet act like Trump’s Hitler for wanting to secure our border.

Source: Fox News