Mitt Romney’s Place In The US Senate Doesn’t Look So Certain After All…

Mitt Romney was supposed to have an easy victory in Utah. Pundits predicted that Romney would win the upcoming Senate election before he announced he was running.

Few things in life, however, are guaranteed. 11 eager Republicans are challenging Romney for the spot he assumed would be his.

“I think he’s just expecting to run away with this thing,” Republican candidate Sam Parker said. “There are really motivated individuals who are going to do their best to force their way into the conversation.”

Romney’s opponents are dredging up negative material that he wishes could stay buried. They want to remind people why Romney failed on the national stage. He’s not an appealing candidate.

Romney is a rich man who wears his wealth like a shield. He can schmooze with the best of them, but he doesn’t know how to really connect with people. He’s out of touch.

Team Romney hopes that people forget about his elitist past. He’s not using his personal fortune to fund the campaign, portraying it as a “modest” effort. He’s cruising around Utah in a pickup truck as if that’s going to fool people.

“Do you honestly think an establishment insider is going to fix the problems in Washington and restore our values?” state Rep. Mike Kennedy asked in a campaign video released Wednesday.

Romney is barely a Republican. He’s conservative compared to someone like Bernie Sanders, but he can’t be trusted to fight for a conservative agenda. He’s a flip-flopper. His political beliefs are tempered to suit his environment.

Romney has name-recognition and ample experience. He stands a good chance of winning a spot in the Senate but there are a lot of opponents who could potentially take him down.

“Almost wherever I go throughout the country, people just assume I’m from Utah,” Romney said Thursday.

(Source: Yahoo)