Guantanamo Bay Inmate Is Enjoying Strawberry Oreos And Sitcoms On Taxpayers’ Dime

During the Obama era, one of his most significant promises was that he would close down Guantanamo Bay. The controversial prison was created to hold terrorists rather than bring them in the United States, so that they wouldn’t be subject to standard legal proceedings.

The Left has claimed that these terrorists are being deprived their rights by trial and have routinely called for the prison’s closure. The idealist Obama was, he set his sights on closing it, but once he was president, it seems he realized the necessary nature of the prison, as it was never closed. On top of the general controversy of holding prisoners indefinitely, we’ve learned over the years that the inmates are enjoying pretty decent lives at the taxpayer expense. But the latest revelations of what exactly that means certainly leaves a sour taste in the mouths of those concerned with government waste.

As reported at the New York Post, one of the former terrorist “torture” victims at the hands of the US is apparently living like a king inside Guantanamo Bay.

Islamic radical Ahmed al Darbi, 42, who helped plan an attack on an oil tanker in Yemen back in 2002, has received a sweet deal in exchange for snitching on his fellow terrorist comrades.

As a reward for the information he’s provided, he’s been living it up, dining on strawberry Oreos, rabbit dinners, and episodes of the sitcom “Arrested Development,” according to a report Sunday. He gets to spend his days in comfort in a cabin-style “cell,” where he’s free to garden, paint, and exercise.

The terrorist seems to have quite the sweet tooth, as he munches on sweets such as Strawberries n’ Creme Oreos, baklava, and pecan pie. Not only that, he cooks fancy meals for himself, such as veggies and shrimp, spiced rabbit and chicken.

Darbi plead guilty 4 years ago for aiding the 2002 al Qaida attack on a French oil tanker Yemeni waters. His brother-in-law Khalid al-Mihdhar highjacked was a hijacker on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

Darbi’s time in prison as of late has been quite comfortable, but later this month, he’ll be handed over to Saudi Arabia, where he’ll be enrolled in the nation’s terrorist rehabilitation program.

How the amenities are over there is anyone’s guess, but getting rid of the guy is a positive at this point, as he’s nothing more than a drain on tax dollars. Hopefully, a watchful eye will be kept on him in case he decides to once again harm innocent people in the name of Islam.

Source: New York Post