George Soros Is Doing Everything He Can To Influence Election Outcome

George Soros is using his massive wealth to influence elections. He’s skating around donor finance laws by creating liberal super PACS. He pumped $1.5 million into San Diego’s district attorney race by feeding it to the California Justice & Public Safety PAC.

The group’s sole purpose is to support deputy public defender and AG candidate Genevieve Jones-Wright.

Jones-Wright’s competition claims that she “has fully embraced his [Soros’s] positions on decriminalizing sex crimes, closing jails and prisons, and eliminating bail and…she is committed to not enforcing what she calls ‘quality of life crimes’ like breaking and entering and other things that are not necessarily violent crimes.”

In other words, she wants to completely upend the rule of law. And her insane plan is being funded by a billionaire.

Hopefully, her antics won’t work.

Soros has a clear mission. He wants to wield even more power and influence. Jones-Wright is far from the only far-left liberal receiving aid from Soros’ pockets. He’s managed to score a few elections victories already.

“People talk a lot about the need to close the gap between the rich and the poor, but George Soros puts his money where his values are,” Jones-Wright said.

“It brings a megaphone to the message of true justice and allows communities that have been marginalized by the status quo to have a shot at representation… Criminal justice reform is getting the attention it deserves as a life and death issue for communities.”

Criminal justice reform is a worthy goal. But is Jones-Wright’s brand of lawlessness what Californian’s really want? Compassion from criminals shouldn’t be prioritized before protecting the victims.

Soros likes to operate in the shadows. He rarely speaks about his political plans. Yet he’s one of the biggest Democratic donors in the country.

If Jones-Wright wins, it will represent a radical change for San Diego.

(Source: Free Beacon)