Bill Maher Has Had Enough, Turns On ‘#MeToo’ Movement With Brutal Takedown

Bill Maher pissed off a lot of liberals last week. During a taping of his HBO show, he denigrated the #MeToo movement and blamed whiny Millennials for ruining an innocent man.

Matt Damon, for instance, was raked over the coals for pointing out that poking someone’s butt isn’t the same thing as raping them.

“When you’re wrong even when you say the right thing, then I feel like a husband,” Maher joked.

He’s not the only person who has taken issue with the movement. A lot of real monsters have been exposed, but at what cost? Harvey Weinstein deserves whatever disgraceful thing is going to happen him.

But does Aziz Ansari? Does Louis C.K.? They may not be smooth lovers, but they also aren’t criminals.

Maher blames the movement’s excesses on Millennials.

“This is what I always try to keep in mind when I’m feuding with the millennials – I don’t think it’s the majority of them,” he said.

“I think it’s the upper-middle class who grew up screaming at their parents and that was okay. And they are just so f***ing fragile. I think of them as emotional hemophiliacs and the rest of us have to be so careful around them. They’re going to bleed what is so great out of life.”

If society starts treating all awkward passes and subpar sexual experiences as assaults, people are going to be afraid to do anything. Dates will suddenly become landmines.

“You can make anything 100 percent safe. A police state, they always say, is the safest place to live but you’re in a police state,” Maher continued.

“We don’t want to do that with love. We have spent our whole history as humans saying it’s magical, it’s serendipity – a lot of it happens subconsciously, we don’t know why we’re attracted to someone…”

The #MeToo movement is responsible for shackling a few monsters. However, it has also led to the persecution of innocent men.

(Source: Daily Mail)