You’ll Never Guess What Happens To Wikileaks Founder When He Uses Up All Of His Free Speech Allotment

Apparently exposing the federal government’s seedy underbelly of information thievery could be hazardous for your health. No one knows this better than Julian Assange over at Wikileaks. Assange is in a load of trouble after his huge information dump about the CIA’s super secret ways of spying on literally anyone within the eye or ear shot of something with a screen.

Via CNN:

The Justice Department investigation of Assange and WikiLeaks dates to at least 2010, when the site first gained wide attention for posting thousands of files stolen by the former US Army intelligence analyst now known as Chelsea Manning.
Prosecutors have struggled with whether the First Amendment precluded the prosecution of Assange, but now believe they have found a way to move forward.
he US view of WikiLeaks and Assange began to change after investigators found what they believe was proof that WikiLeaks played an active role in helping Edward Snowden, a former NSA analyst, disclose a massive cache of classified documents.
Assange remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, seeking to avoid an arrest warrant on rape charges in Sweden. In recent months, US officials had focused on the possibility that a new government in Ecuador would expel Assange and he could be arrested. But the left-leaning presidential candidate who won the recent election in the South American nation has promised to continue to harbor Assange.

I realize that there may be some who still want to believe that the Federal Government has some honor and wouldn’t peek at what you have going on if they didn’t have to, but now all the evidence is out there about what they do and how they do it.
Do you people not watch TV? Who really thought this wasn’t possible anyhow. The question is not if they can listen to you, it’s if they want to listen to you. It seems to me that this is less about their being worried about our safety and more about them having competition and going to the trouble of having to put extra levels of safety on their own devices.