Woman Forced Into Arranged Marriage, So She Kills Her Husband And 12 In-Laws

While there’s certainly no shortage of craziness emanating from the political world, plenty of strange and horrific things are occurring in everyday across the world that will have you scratching your head in disbelief.

The latest sad and unbelievable story comes from Pakistan, where radical Islamic beliefs are widespread. In this kind of culture, women are treated as property, with next to no say in how they live their life. It’s a fact of life that you may be forced to marry someone against your will and have to cover your body from head to toe in the name of Islam. However, there’s seems to be a trend of Muslim women rebelling against the oppression forced upon them, but how one Pakistani woman went about it was decidedly extreme.

As reported at the New York Post, forced into an arranged marriage, Asiya Bibi took incredible, murderous steps to avoid her fate. She’s accused of killing her husband and 12 of his relatives by lacing their milk with poison. On top of the 13 dead from last week’s poisoning, 14 more were hospitalized, police said.

Bibi laced her husband’s milk last week, however, he didn’t end up drinking it. So she then used the poisoned liquid to make lassi, a yogurt-like drink, which she then served to him and his family.

Bibi was obviously very desperate, as she was forced to marry in September, and already had tried to flee to her own parents. But upon arriving home, they simply sent her back to her husband. These types of marriages are especially common in the more impoverished areas of Pakistan.

Bibi has been caught and charged with murder, but she wasn’t the only one arrested. Her aunt and her Bibi’s alleged lover have also been taken into custody. Considering it’s Pakistan, Bibi will certainly be facing the death penalty. It’s not uncommon for adulterous women or even those that have been raped to be stoned for supposed crimes. So in this case, it goes without saying that she will pay with her life.

It was a terrible crime in response to a terrible practice that’s practiced far too commonly across the Muslim world.

Source: New York Post