What These Evil Thugs Just Did Is Exactly Why No One Is Safe In America

Walking alone in the city at night is well-known to be inadvisable. But walking with friends used to be ok, as long as you keep your wits about you. Not anymore, apparently, since thugs are getting more brazen by the day.

Two students who were taking a stroll down a New Orleans street found this out the hard way after they were beaten and robbed on Saturday night.

Via Fox News:

Authorities in New Orleans said two people have been arrested so far in the violent beating of two tourists during a robbery Saturday night in the French Quarter.

Joshua Simmons, 18, was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with second-degree robbery, which carries a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison, police said.

The victims, identified as James Curran and Tim Byrne, were in town to attend the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the annual meeting of the liberal religious association, Boston 25 News reported. Byrne remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Being put in critical condition because someone wants your wallet and phone seems like an extremely high price to pay. We’re taught that one of the first rules of self-defense is to try to avoid having to use it. If someone just wants’s to take your wallet, let them have it, it’s not worth your life. But these kids didn’t even have that chance. At least there used to be a time when you could be backed into a corner and asked to comply before your life was put in danger.

Violence is of course never a good thing, however, this kind of escalation against what are presumably innocents, is especially infuriating. Sadly, instead of dealing with the problem, we just keep willfully surrendering more and more of the freedoms we used to enjoy in order to avoid the unruly. Hopefully, the local authorities will make sure that at least the people responsible for this crime never want to commit another crime again.

(Source: Fox News)