Watch What Happened Immediately After A Country Let In Thousands Of Muslim Immigrants

The migrant horde is still stomping into Europe. Germany, under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s direction, threw open its borders and invited the swarm. Poland, meanwhile, reasonably assessed the situation and determined that it was unable to host any refugees.

President Trump recently visited both countries. His pleasant trek through Poland saw thousands of joyous Poles pour out onto the streets to express their support.

Germany, which is currently hosting millions of migrants and refugees, was significantly less peaceful. Violent protests erupted outside of the G20 summit. The agitators created so much turmoil that Melania Trump was forced to hide in her hotel room until police officers could control the situation.

The migrant experiment failed.

Die Welt reports: “Contrary to previous information, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte made concrete commitments on a legal refugee quota during the negotiations on the refugee deal between the EU and Turkey. Merkel and Rutte promised directly to bring in 150,000 to 200,000 Syrian refugees to Europe from Turkey each year…”

200,000 guaranteed Syrian refugees, and that doesn’t include the vast number of people who plan to enter the country illegally.

Polish officials adopted a strikingly approach.

“The Polish government will not change its mind about the refugees. It’s a final decision,” Elżbieta Witek, chief of the prime minister’s cabinet office, told state broadcasters. “I’m a Christian and a Catholic and I try to be a good person, and the Polish government acts in the same way … A good Christian is someone who helps, not necessarily by accepting refugees.”

Witek makes a good point. Compassion doesn’t need to be blind. Empathizing with the migrants doesn’t require you that support mass unchecked immigration. Migrants themselves don’t benefit from such a system. In order for a man who grew up in a strict Muslim society to assimilate into Western culture, he needs ample resources to devote to the cause. Becoming a government dependent will only lead to resentment.

(Source: Gatestone Institute, Independent)