Watch Stephen Colbert’s New Anti-Trump Joke Backfire In His Face, On Live TV

The liberals and their puppets really need to get their stories straight. They’ve griped about so many things, their little sheep are getting confused as to what they’re supposed to be bashing. The ultimate Trump hater, Stephen Colbert, took a swing and a miss at Trump with the firing of James Comey. His audience actually cheered when he made the announcement and Colbert decided to blame it on them being Trump lovers. It really seems more likely that people are just confused as to what they’re being told to believe.

You can see his little train wreck below.

Honestly, nobody knows what to do anymore, especially when it concerns James Comey. He has made more enemies than most elected politicians, and he’s an appointed official who was put into office by the beloved Barrack Obama.

I guess when you don’t have morals and you flip flop depending on who ticks you off on any given day, it’s hard for your devoted followers to know which way to go.

This seems to a blind leading the blind situation and I’m afraid at this point they’ve already landed in the ditch.

And that’s what happens when you’re unable to think for yourself.

(H/T: Twitchy)