Watch: In Middle Of Press Conference, Vegas Sheriff Makes Heartbreaking Announcement

The nation is currently in mourning, as it just experienced the worst mass shooting in its history. At least 58 people have died thus far, after a crazed gunman perched himself 32-stories up in a building adjacent to a country music concert attended by thousands.

He rained down a hail of gunfire on the unsuspecting concert-goers, wounding 500 or more on top of those he killed. Unsurprisingly, emotions are very high, but one moment stands out from the rest, as a sheriff made a tragic announcement during a live press conference.

As reported at the Daily Mail, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo broke down Monday morning while talking to the media, as he announced that amongst the dead was one of his off-duty officers.

While the name of the man hasn’t been revealed yet, Sheriff Lombardo was in tears as he relayed the news. He also mentioned that another Vegas officer was wounded in the attack and being treated at the hospital.

One is critical but stable and one of my officers was off-duty attending the concert and lost his life,” Sheriff Lombardo said when asked about his employees.

Two police officers, including the off-duty Las Vegas officer, are among the dead.

The shooter, 64-year old Stephen Paddock, had been holed up in his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel since September 28. After 10pm Sunday night, he unloaded on the attendees of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. He eventually killed himself rather than face justice.

After authorities discovered his location, they breached the room and found his body surrounded by an arsenal of weapons and hundreds of spent rounds.

Paddock’s motives have yet to be unraveled, but needless to say, the man was a monster. On top of the tragedy, leftists are trying to score political points as well, screaming for gun control and blaming supporters of the Second Amendment for his actions.

The crime is beyond horrific, but adding insult to injury are the left-wing opportunists that want to milk the tragedy for all its worth. The days ahead are sure to be filled with immense suffering, as families find out their love-ones have perished. During this time, there’s no reason to politicize their deaths and trample on their graves in an attempt to erode our rights further. But that’s not going to stop the Left from doing what it does best.

Source: Daily Mail