Watch: Man Won’t Stop Smoking At Gas Pump, So Attendant Comes Up With EPIC Solution

Don’t smoke when you’re putting gas in your car. Haven’t we all seen Zoolander by now? An unidentified idiot not only lit up a cigarette while he was pumping gas into his car, he ignored repeated requests to put it out.


What would you do? If you answered “pick up a fire extinguisher and douse the guy,” you probably work at the gas station in the video. After what looked like a heated back-and-forth, the employee calmly unhooks a fire extinguisher from the wall.

The smoker probably regretted his decision almost immediately. Instead of letting the matter drop, or trying to move to safety, the employee blasted him, covering him with a thick white foam.

I’d probably give the guy a raise. I don’t condone assaulting people, but the smoker nearly became a mass murderer. He ignored repeated, reasonable requests. The employee did what he had to do to protect himself and everyone else who was at the gas station.

Millennials are the most entitled generation that society has had to put up with for a long time. The arrogance of the smoker is, nonetheless, surprising.

(Source: Daily Mail)