In Wake Of Vegas Shooting, Look What Paul Ryan Is Up To

House Speaker Paul Ryan has set aside the gun silencer bill in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas this weekend. The move comes after more than 50 people were killed in a festival grounds on the Las Vegas strip.

The SHARE Act, also known as the Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement bill, was brought into conversation on Monday morning. The bill was originally meant to be voted upon this week.

One of the overarching policies within the bill was the easing of restrictions on gun silencers. Though these are beneficial within the sport of hunting game and other animals, issues arise when silencers are sold to non-sportspeople.

Democrat Hillary Clinton argued, correctly we might add, that the passage of the bill could have made the situation in Vegas significantly more deadly. She noted that the crowd fled at the sound of gunshots.

Had the shooter used a silencer, the death toll could have been in the thousands. We’re inclined to side with Clinton on this point, unfortunately.

Instead, Ryan said Tuesday that, “[the] bill is not scheduled now; I don’t know when it’s going to be scheduled.

Ryan further noted that the GOP are concentrating on the budget and tax reform at this time.

When prompted by questions from the press, Ryan also brought up the mental health reform.

He stated: “one of the things we’ve learned from these shootings is often underneath this is a diagnosis of mental illness.”

In February, Trump and Congress rolled back the Obama mental health bill. The bill made background checks far stricter for those receiving Social Security checks for mental health services… and now it’s gone.

It would appear that Ryan is putting on his Presidential hat and leading the conversation following this national tragedy. Can anyone else see the numbers 2020 in the reflection of his eyes, because they look pretty sparkly from where we’re standing?

(Source: Daily Mail)