After Vegas Tragedy, Shooter’s Brother Comes Forward – ‘He Was Just…’

“He was just a guy.”

Neighbor. Friend. Brother. Mass murderer?

Eric Paddock can’t believe what’s happening. On Sunday he woke up as a normal American man. By the time Monday rolled around he’d transformed into one of the most talked about men in the country. His brother Stephen, 64, committed one of the worst atrocities in American history.

“Something happened, he snapped or something… We know absolutely nothing, this is just, we are dumbfounded,” a shell-shocked Eric told reporters.

His brother shot up a Las Vegas country music concert with shotguns. 58 people are dead, and over 500 are injured.

“We have absolutely no idea. Our condolences go to the victims and all their families,” Eric said somberly.

“He was just a guy. Something happened, he snapped or something, he was just a guy… He has no political affiliation, no religious affiliation, as far as we know. This wasn’t a terror attack.”

The Paddock family is horrified. Eric’s stunned disbelief was easy to read in his face. He clearly had no idea that his brother was a monster. Who wants to believe that their own sibling is capable of mass murder?

“He’s my brother, we don’t have a very close relationship but we talk occasionally. There’s no rhyme or reason here, it makes no sense.”

(Source: Daily Mail)