US Officials Are Taking Taxpayer Money To Promote Refugees Behind America’s Back

The definition of an embassy is laid out as follows: An Embassy is the diplomatic representation of a country’s government in another country. It transmits messages of its home government to the government of the host country and vice versa. 

That makes perfect sense. It’s a way for a country to have a presence to look out for its citizens in another country or work on diplomatic issues that affect its country of origin. It’s a very smart system and one that has been honored by countries, even not particularly friendly countries, for decades. That’s why it’s curious that the U.S. embassy in Belgium has gone off script a little. They’ve decided to carry a torch for an interest other than the United States.

Via Daily Caller:

A grant from the U.S. embassy in Belgium designates $200,000 for a group to promote positive narratives about refugees and immigrants in Europe.

The grant aims to use digital platforms to help integrate immigrants and counter violent extremism. It was announced on May 12 and applications for the year-long grant can be submitted until May 29.

Non-government or non-profit groups have to achieve at least one or more of the grant’s objectives. These are: “counter narrative, preventative outreach, and capacity building.” A document outlining the grant describes “counter narrative” as: “Dispel the narratives of extremist groups that incite violence and provide alternative narratives. Provide positive narratives concerning refugees and immigrant populations.”

What exactly that has to do with the United States’ interest abroad is a mystery to me. I’m also mystified as to why they’d be giving away hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to “promote positive narratives about refugees and immigrants in Europe.” None of that has anything to do with the lives of Americans. See, we don’t have refugee’s fleeing to other countries because we pay attention to laws that would make people want to come here, not leave here. But not for long if this kind of insanity continues.

There’s also the real possibility that Belgium will consider this an unnecessary disruption in their own culture and immigration policy. Since the embassy’s job is to look out for American interests, they’re not actually allowed to stick their nose in this kind of business.

Let me share one more note with you that might clarify the issue.

(Daily Caller) Belgium is one of many countries that President Trump has yet to appoint a new ambassador to serve in.

Well, that makes sense. More of Obama’s cronies that see the laws as more like “guidelines” than actual laws.

(Source: Daily Caller)