Trump’s Latest Move Just Rocked Welfare Recipients To Their Core… It’s About Time

The Obama gravy train is coming to an end.

Too many healthy, able-bodied people are sucking funds from the government. Why? Because the Obama administration fostered a culture of entitlement. Who needs to get a job if Uncle Sam is paying the bills?

Unfortunately for the moochers, there’s a new president in the White House.

“Some people are taking advantage of the system. We are looking very, very strongly, therefore, at welfare reform,” President Trump said during a Monday meeting with his cabinet.

He hasn’t indicated what the reform will look like, but you can glean hints of what might be coming if you consider his previous statements. Conservatives support plumping up the workforce. People who depend on assistance will probably need to either have a job or prove that they’re searching for one.

Expect the Democrats to throw a fit. Their base is made up of people who’ve grown to expect government handouts.

The cabinet meeting wasn’t all bad news. Trump also mentioned his plan to make prescription drug prices more affordable for everyone.

“Prescription drug prices are out of control” with drugs costing much more in the US than in other countries… Meaning as usual the world is taking advantage of the United States,” he said.

“The drug companies quite frankly are getting away with murder.”

(Source: New York Post)