Trump-Supporting Politician Just DESTROYED Sharia-Loving Muslim On Live TV

During a Q and A session with UN Muslim Youth Without Borders Founder Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Jacqui Lambie says she supports Australia in following President Donald Trump’s lead to stem the flow of immigrants until they can “look after our own backyard.”
Lambie, a Senator for Tasmania, representing the Palmer United Party, went on to say that “Anyone that supports Sharia Law should be deported…The fact is. we have one law in this country, and it’s Australian law. Not Sharia law, not in this country, not in my day.
Abdel-Magied, a Sudan/Australian citizen said she was “scared that Donald Trump’s ‘rhetoric’ is being normalized.”  She went on to make a vague comment about this being what happened “pre-world war II” in what was a not so subtle insinuation that President Trump was emulating Hitler.

We can applaud Lambie for maintaining her position that what she is proposing will keep the majority of her country safe.
Unpopular though it may be with leftists, politicians in a country are bound to keep THAT country safe, not everybody else’s.
(Source: Youtube)