Trump Jr’s “Russian Lawyer” Caught On Video With The Obama Administration! Was This A Set Up?

This is a bright day for the mainstream media. They’ve finally figured out something Russian that they can pin on somebody who’s last name is Trump. Given, they’d rather it be Trump Sr., but Jr. is what they’ve got, and they’re working with it. Their joy is probably only dampened by the distinct possibility that they might break their arms, patting themselves on the back.

Basically what Trump Jr. is being accused of is having a meeting with a Russian lawyer with great connections who was trying to assist him in getting information to help with his dad’s campaign.

The first thing we all should probably remember is that he didn’t actually ever receive anything harmful to the Clinton campaign, and that a private citizen receiving opposition research isn’t illegal, nor is it unethical.

The second thing to think about was whether the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya was actually trying to help, or if she was, in reality, not who she said she was to Donald Trump Jr.

A few things make us ask where Veselnitskaya’s loyalties actually lie, and whether she played a part in a bigger story that had to do with the outgoing Obama Administration’s ulterior political motives.

Via The Federalist Papers:

As the fallout continues over Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney, people are beginning to wonder exactly what connections Natalia Veselnitskaya had with Democratic operatives.

The Kremlin denies knowing Veselnitskaya and she herself said she had no intention of speaking to Trump Jr. about any incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton (though it seems pretty clear he was duped into thinking so).

Just eight days after her meeting with Trump Jr. in Trump Tower, Veselnitskaya mysteriously appeared sitting right behind then-President Obama’s ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul during a Foreign Affairs Committee [sic] hearing:

Also – sitting next to Veselnitskaya is Emin Agalarov. Another man mentioned in Trump Jr.’s emails. He’s the man who set up the meeting between the two.

So basically, this lawyer that everyone in the media so desperately wants to paint as the backbone of the Trump win (because she’s Russian and had a meeting with Trump Jr.) has more ties to the Democratic party than a puppet does to i’s master.

The media really needs to get its story straight whether they think she was working for the Trump’s with Russian backing, or if they think she was a DNC spy that gave away secrets. I think we all know that if the latter were true she’d have likely gone the way of Seth Rich by now. What we need here is a little bit of honesty from somebody to sort all of this out.

(Source: Red State Watcher, The Federalist Papers