Trump Is About To Throw Obama’s Cuba Deal In The Trash Where It Belongs

The United States, under the leadership of President Trump has taken some great strides to regaining its reputation of not being someone you can push around.

If we weren’t sure of it before, the President’s multi-national tour and meet and greet with world leaders solidified that in everyone’s minds. Given, they may not all love him, but they know that he’s not someone who’s prone to bluff or be pushed around.

That is why his promise to review U.S. policies toward Cuba is such a big deal. For decades now, Cubans have been under a dictator that would do whatever his whims led him to do, with no concern for the affect on his people, or reprisal from anyone in the world. Cubans have fled his rule and many have been welcomed into the United States.

While they’re a valued part of our nation, I’m pretty sure everyone would consider it a nice change, if their country of origin weren’t under the thumb of a ruling family who’s default, is to kill people who disagree with them.

Via Fox News:

President Trump will head to Miami on Friday, home to a large and influential Cuban-American community, to unveil his administration’s new Cuba policy — which will roll back central parts of his predecessor’s efforts to normalize ties with the Communist island nation, according to a senior administration official and other sources.


While campaigning in Miami during a stop in September of 2016, then-Republican presidential nominee Trump hinted at such a move, tying it to demands on the Cuban government.

“All of the concessions Barack Obama has granted the Castro regime were done through executive order which means our next president can reverse them,“ Trump said. “And that I will do unless the Castro regime meets our demands.

“Those demands include religious and political freedom for the Cuban people, and the freeing of political prisoners,” Trump added.


The foundation of this relationship was made under the Obama administration, however, as with many of the foreign policies that former President Obama attempted to enact, President Trump may feel it they might need a little bit of renovation.

The death of Fidel Castro has left a chink in the armor of the Cuban/Castro regime that hopefully, the President will be able to broaden and eventually help the Cuban people break free of. Their suffering has lasted long enough, and the United States is dedicated to doing whatever it can to ease their suffering.

(Source: Fox News