Thugs Thought They Were Robbing A Liberal’s House, But Didn’t Expect A Conservative Packing HEAT!

A California home invasion went terribly awry after the burglars encountered the homeowner. The unidentified man opened fire on the two intruders, fatally shooting them both. The entire incident was captured on surveillance video by a neighbor.

The video is chilling in its brevity. The robbers slink up to the house and quietly slip in. Within seconds the gun goes off. The camera, focused on a downstairs window of the broken-into house, shows two huge flashes of light.

Police briefly detained the homeowner before releasing him.

“The preliminary information shows it to be a home-invasion robbery,’ Brentwood police Lt. Walter O’Grodnick told the East Bay Tims. “Two suspects. One with a firearm. They presented a threat, and the shooting was prompted in self-defense.”

The man might have died if he hadn’t had a gun. Gun safety means teaching good, responsible people how to be effective gun owners, not banning the weapons from society. The argument that if your assailant is unarmed you don’t need to be either falls apart as you examine the homeowner’s case. The robbers may have been armed, but they also outnumbered him and the benefit of the element of surprise. They could have killed him whether they had a gun with them or not. The man was able to save his life because he was armed.

Democrats have become obsessed with the idea of limiting our constitutional right to bear arms, claiming that if guns were harder to obtain there would be fewer terrorists. Of course, that ignores the horror that’s been unfolding in Europe over the past few years as radical Muslims plant bombs in busy city centers and ram trucks into crowds of helpless people.

America has sprawling plains and wide, empty deserts. There are states that are nearly empty, states where the closest police officer is hours away. It will never be conceivable to ban in America even if the threat of human attack could be eliminated.

(Source: Daily Mail)