This Liberal Woman Will Sell You An American Flag, But Only If She Pisses On It First

The United States is known around the world as being the land of opportunity and having the reputation as being the place where it’s citizens are the freest. We can do just about anything, as long as it’s not hurting another person.

That’s not to say that it’s all advisable, as one less-than-patriotic woman learned after a video of her peeing on the flag went viral.

WARNING: This video is NOT safe for work. 

Via Daily Mail:

Emily Lance, of Philadelphia, had a friend film as she urinated on to a flag submerged in her bathroom toilet using a GoGirl, a device that assists women in urinating while standing up.

She captioned the video, which she posted on Facebook and later deleted: ‘F*** your nationalism. F*** your country. F*** your stupid f****** flag’.

The song Night Moves by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band plays in the background of the clip.

The video quickly went viral as thousands of people slammed Lance for being disrespectful to the nation and the flag.

The link for her disgusting video is here. 

While she is completely free to do what she is doing, many Americans objected to it (and with good reason). Her social media exploded with name calling, threats and a whole lot of shaming.




For the record, I’m just sharing the ones that didn’t have to be extensively edited for profanity. If you’d like to see more of them, you’re welcome to visit our source here.

Lance seems to be doubling down on her offensive behavior though because she has now decided to make a little cash off of her 15 minutes of fame. 420d7d0700000578-4667724-image-a-59_1499262634848

Yeah, that’ll calm people right down.

Lance wants to both make money off of her incredibly disrespectful behavior and also to have people leave her alone. Apparently the threats and general ill will have spilled over to her family. She said this about the threats against her dad:

‘To whom it may concern, my Dad just called me and informed me that his place of employment has been targeted,’ she wrote. ‘As has he. Interestingly he respects THE FLAG and loves your country.

‘I do not live with him nor does he or anyone in my family agree with my shenanigans. They’ve got nothing to do with my decisions.

‘Don’t take your anger out on the wrong people – you harassing them is displacing your emotions and the equivalent of blaming Jack for what Sally did.’

You can see how people might get that confused consider that Jack did raise Sally (we’re assuming she was raised by her parents and not wolves), however, none of that is acceptable behavior.

Let’s just be clear about this; peeing on the flag = bad, threating to kill people = bad. Neither of those bads are making the other one any better. It kind of makes you wish for the day when the village idiot that wanted to disgrace the symbol of freedom was just ostracized from his town and didn’t get to feel like a short term superstar.

Maybe some day America will figure out that the way to deal with the petty and cowardly is to treat them like they’re insignificant, not like they’re making a difference for their cause. Until then, at least we’ve all got something to read about.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)