Steven Crowder Just Destroyed Every Pro-Abortion Liberal In One Epic Video

If you’re a liberal or a feminist, or I guess in most cases you’d be both, you’re probably pro-choice. Because it’s your body, and nobody should tell you what to do with it, and that’s a pretty straightforward American sentiment; freedom for everybody.

So the question is; if abortions are so great and there are no bad side effects, why the continued push, after 40 years of an intrauterine free for all, to convince those who haven’t had one that nothing bad will happen if they get one. Steven Crowder of Youtube’s Louder with Crowder has a few theories about that.

I suppose they’re saying that the majority of those who get an abortion already have children to dispel the myth that abortions are done for selfish reasons, even though they listed the reasons that most people cite for abortions, and they’re mostly selfish.

As far as the “it’s my body” argument goes, I’d just like for you to think about something. Imagine that you’re walking down a nice little street, window shopping, and then you decide to go into a business and really shop. Once you’re in there, the owner realizes that he’s late for an appointment so he starts getting more and more irritated, and finally shoots you in the head. You know so that he can go do whatever it is he wants to do. That seems a little extreme, but technically speaking, you’re inside his business and he has the right to do what he wants.

Business, homeowners, and even those who drive cars carry personal injury insurance because even if you’re on another person’s property, your person is protected against their negligence or intentional injury. I just don’t see how it’s different inside the womb. You do have a choice, it’s to prevent pregnancy, not to kill people.

I’m not sure why we’re so worried about the mental status of those who have had abortions, considering that seems like a really self-centered way of looking at the post-abortion life. Of course you feel bad, you killed someone.

(Source: Steven Crowder