Rush Limbaugh: The Russia ‘Investigation’ Is Really About Something Else Entirely

What’s going on with the Russia investigation? I lost interest a long time ago. Democrats rejoiced when Robert Mueller was appointed special prosecutor, but so far the spectacle has been nothing but smoke and shadows.

Rush Limbaugh has a theory.

“Yes, yes, yes. I have a whole theory about what the Mueller investigation really is… But one of the aims, one of the objectives of the Mueller investigation is to protect anybody and everybody that had anything to do with this Clinton-Obama-Russian uranium deal,” he said during a taping of his radio show.

“I really think that’s one of the things going on. In addition to their wanton desire to get rid of Trump, I think that they’re taking advantage of the opportunity to shield and prevent any investigation or knowledge of what really went on, because that uranium thing… We’ve all, up ’til now, considered it a Hillary and Bill Clinton and Russian deal where the Clintons personally profited from brokering the sale of a percentage of our uranium supply to Russia…”

If Limbaugh is correct, it shows how twisted and corrupt our government has become. The Russia investigation has never made sense. The left is accusing the president of colluding with Moscow at the same time that they’re warning we might be on verge of war.

Which is it? Is Russia our ally or our enemy?

“When I learned that they were looking 10 to 15 years back into Trump’s business history, things that have nothing to do with him as a candidate for anything or as president… It was manifest that this guy was doing the work of the establishment to get rid of Trump or to try to. Because there’s no evidence on this Russia collusion thing,” Limbaugh mused.

Luckily, President Trump’s supporters have been able to see through the lies. Trump voters put no stock in the Mueller investigation.