President Trump To Finally Follow Through On His Biggest Campaign Promise. This is HUGE!

President Trump isn’t pulling any punches on his tough policies now that he’s President of the United States. He’s shown that he’s going to following through on all the campaign promises that got him elected, and the American’s that voted for him couldn’t be happier about it.

One particularly controversial piece of legislation that he promised to push through was about reforming the welfare system. The President has decided to move back toward the “if you don’t work you don’t eat” system of government.

Via Conservative Tribune:

President Donald Trump is making good on campaign promises to cut the federal budget by requiring able-bodied persons to work to receive food stamps as part of his 2018 budget plan.

The budget plan was released on May 23, 2017, Breitbart reported. By limiting the number of people who rely on welfare to fund their lives, the federal government will purportedly save $190 billion over the next ten years.

Of course, the Trump administration will not pull benefits away from those who truly need food stamps for daily needs. In fact, of the 50 million people currently on food stamps, the new budget plan would only require those adults to get a job who have no factors that hinder them from entering the work force.

Furthermore, only able-bodied adults without dependents will be required to get a job.

Considering that the welfare system is supposed to be for those who are for some reason unable to find the work they need to support themselves or their family, that seems fair. It’s also supposed to be a short-term stopgap situation, not to have a long term profession being made of how to work the system. There’s do doubt that a percentage of the population has decided to just take advantage of subsidies instead of using it as a way to fend off the wolf at the door, but hopefully, that will be mended soon.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)