Paul Ryan Stabs America In The Back, Shows He Cares More About Illegals Than Citizens

Paul Ryan should be kicked out of office.

Once again, the so-called “Republican” has refused to support the president’s agenda. Ryan complained Wednesday about the ethics of the DACA repeal and tried to persuade people that it would be the “nation’s interest” to allow the so-called Dreamers to stay in the country.

“I do believe that kicking these 800,000 kids out to countries that they have probably not been to since they were toddlers, countries that speak languages that they may not even know, is not in our nation’s interest,” Ryan said.

America’s interests would fare better if Ryan would stop betraying his party. Trump’s agenda is struggling to get through Congress because of the Republicans’ lack of unity.

Illegal immigrants are a drain on our society. How can we ask anyone to respect our laws if we openly allow illegals to flout them? Creating a legal pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, undocumented migrants who arrived in the U.S. while children, would cause underage migrants to target America.

We shouldn’t create an incentive for vulnerable young people to try to cross the border.

““This is a home that people know and they don’t know any other country as a home. I think there’s a serious humane issue here that needs to be dealt with… We want to make sure that we to fix this issue for these kids… and address the root cause of the problem,” Ryan said last week.

Migrants who want to live in the U.S. should come here legally if they want to be respected. Everyone who disrespects our laws deserves to be deported.

(Source: New York Post)