NYC Terrorist Makes Sick Demand While Being Treated In Hospital. This Explains Everything

Uzbek national Sayfullo Saipov’s devotion to ISIS hasn’t wavered. The terrorist, who’s currently being held at a New York City hospital, had the gall to ask if he could hang an ISIS flag in his room.

On Tuesday afternoon Saipov committed a heinous act, ramming a rental truck into an unsuspecting group of bikers. The extremist wanted to kill innocents in the name of Allah.

“In particular, Saipov was motivated to commit the attack after viewing a video in which [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi . . . questioned what Muslims in the United States and elsewhere were doing to respond to the killing of Muslims in Iraq,” reads the criminal complaint against Saipov.

The sole reason that a man holding such vile views was able to live in the U.S. is because of the much-maligned “diversity visa” program. Saipov was invited to live in our country because he got lucky, not because he deserved it.

“Saipov, 29, first arrived in the United States from Uzbekistan in 2010. Neighbors and public records paint the accused killer as a longtime “radical” who didn’t pay his taxes, ignored warrants and freaked out his own imam with his emotional intensity,” the New York Post writes.

Someone who begins disrespecting our laws almost immediately after their arrival in our country is someone who deserves to be kicked out. Saipov should never have been able to get a green card.

Unfortunately, the diversity visa program is still going strong. Who knows how many future terrorists we’ve invited to live among us?

(Source: New York Post)