Norm Macdonald DESTROYS Larry King When He Says “Being Straight Is Not Normal”

We can probably all agree that politics and morals in America are a big joke, but it’s still downright sad when the comedians are making more sense than the politicians in Washington.

Maybe this sometimes happens because a comedian’s bread and butter is being honest and pointing out what we’re all thinking, while the politicians and talking heads have donors to make happy.

Take, for example, Larry King speaking to comedian Norm Macdonald. Macdonald talks about the existence of a “gay gene” being abnormal, and as King says that maybe it’s straight people who are abnormal, Macdonald fires back with something that leaves King speechless:

This is the age old question; if you’re born that way, prove it. The general persuasion has gone from homosexuality being a mental condition, to it being a lifestyle choice to it now being attributed to genetics. The problem is that nobody can ever find a definitive gene or chromosome or really anything that sets those in the LGBTQ community apart from everyone else – except for preference.

So, is it nurture or nature? If it’s nature, then we are just allowed to go with the flow and accept everyone and be chill with whatever happens. But if it’s nurture we might have to pay attention to who is nurturing our kids, take a stand for something or maybe even (heaven forbid) say that one way is right and one is wrong. Even if you don’t have a moral objection, the preservation of the species implications of homosexuality aren’t great.

If it is nurture, it might be the case that those who are “realizing they’re gay” at a young age are doing it with the help of some older, more enlightened gay person.

Recently, conservative political analyst Milo Yiannopoulos admitted to having been a victim of childhood abuse. George Takei also revealed that he was hugely influenced by abuse in his young teens. These are two very famous examples, but the not so famous people who’ve been affected by the rampant moral depravity around us and were forever changed.

Do I have all the answers? Certainly not, but the evidence points to this being an epidemic, not necessarily of awakening. Predators are celebrating the results of their crimes, and then getting the rest of us to cover it up and put more people in danger under the guise of science and inclusion.

(Source: Twitter)