New Video Of Virginia Shooter Shows Where His Hate For Republicans Began

None of us not criminally insane people know exactly what goes through the mind of someone who decides to spray a crowd of unarmed people with bullets. Obviously, there’s probably a tangle of more than one problem that brings them to this point. It is somewhat telling to hear what they tell you their motivation is though.

While a lot of trigger pullers aren’t kind enough to let us know about their plans before they do them, some footage was found of the Virginia shooter from about 6 years ago that might clue us in as to his mental state.

Via The Sean Hannity Show:

The 66-year old man named by law enforcement as the shooter behind Wednesday’s devastating attack was interviewed by reporters at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration back in 2011, telling reporters that “the 99% are getting pushed around” by the wealthiest one percent.

Speaking to a local news station in St. Louis, Missouri, suspected shooter James Hodgkinson lashed out at the top one percent of wealthy Americans, saying he was “speaking up for the whole country.”

“The 99% are getting pushed around, and the one percent are just not giving a damn. So, we gotta speak up for the whole country,” said Hodgkinson, who was shot and later died Wednesday after opening fire on a congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia.

Before the mass shooting, Hodgkinson worked as a home contractor and inspector and ran a family business out of his home in Belleville, Illinois. According to NBC News the suspect has a history of domestic violence and was charged in 2006 with assault. During the arrest, police found a knife and 12-guage shotgun in his possession.

Michael Hodgkinson, the suspect’s brother, told the BBC that James had become so upset over the election of Donald Trump that he spontaneously moved to Washington, DC so he could actively protest the President.

I once heard a pretty successful businessman say that if you took all the money in the world and spread it out evenly among every person, that in 10 years it would all be right back where it started. The rich would get theirs back, the same way they got it in the first place. I don’t know for sure if he was correct, but I do know that habits, attitude, outlook, and practices have a whole lot more to do with whether you’ll make good in this country than race, creed or political affiliation.

Sadly, Hodgkinson believed a whole lot of lies to get him so calloused toward those politicians that he would be willing to mow them down with a rifle. He not only seems to have believed that being rich is somehow bad, but that he was being held down by these rich capitalists. Unfortunately, this particular brand of blaming other people for your problems is exactly as effective as all the other kinds; which is to say not at all.

No matter how much time you spend standing around with a sign saying that the world is unfair to you, the most effective change you’ll ever be able to make is on the person who looks back at you in the mirror every day. Raging against “the man” isn’t going to get you anywhere, but working for him sometimes will.

(Source: The Sean Hannity Show)