Muslim Immigrant Tells Liberals Why They Should Be Very Scared

Compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves is a wonderful thing to have. It should be a part of every well-adjusted adult’s physiological makeup. Reaching out to help those in need is a goal worthy of more daily attention than many of us give it. The problem lies in those who let that compassion fester into guilt and the guilt allows them to be put into victim status.

There have been a few countries lately that have fallen prey to that problem, namely Europian countries. They have taken in an overabundance of immigrants, probably with the correct intentions, but not the correct vetting process. Countries like France and Germany have become a shadow of their former selves, ravaged by the rank violence and disrespect for Western culture and laws that many of the immigrants have brought with them.

While Americans don’t want to believe that this could ever happen to us, just take a moment to look at what we’re risking letting into our country if we don’t take our immigration vetting extremely seriously, and our law enforcement even more so.

The debate about immigration has become even muddier because many want to call them refugees, and some probably are. However, the word “refugee” is being thrown around by the liberals at every opportunity because they’re depending on it conjuring up images of huddled families with scared and wide-eyed children, just looking for a place to rest their heads in peace. If that were the case with those knocking on our door, this would be a different story.

More often than that though, we end up like our friend from Germany in the video who come to more civilized countries, depending on the citizens to be unwilling to take part in their violent as easily as those back home. We are importing gang members and wanna-be warlords who will always seek out those weaker than themselves, and not have any regard for law enforcement unless they’re physically forced to.

So while compassion is a good thing, the exploitation of our blind western guilt is likely to get us killed if we buy into the liberal propaganda that everyone who seeks refuge here is just looking for a peaceful and better life. Some people consider themselves to be having a better life only when they’re bullying those around them. Remember that the next time the media has you second guessing our immigration policies.

(Source: Milo Yiannopoulos)