Maxine Waters Just Learned Why You Don’t Pick A Fight With Trump Supporters

If you boiled down the political history of Maxine Waters it would go something like this:

Elected state official in California in the late 70’s. Elected to House of Representatives in the early 90’s. Keep getting elected, time after time. Do nothing. Change districts, get elected again. Do nothing. OH, wait, something corrupt came along, let’s do that. Go back to doing nothing. Repeat last two steps for a decade or so.

TRUMP RUNS FOR OFFICE, THE WORLD IS ENDING, EVERYBODY FREAK OUT AND IMPEACH HIM BECAUSE MAXINE HATES HIM!!! Morph into a loud mouth bumbling disgrace to your party and, turn the voters against you because they start paying attention and realize you’re a cooked racist who’s illegally elected in your district.

If you don’t believe me, check out what one of Auntie Maxine’s most recent town hall meetings got her.

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Trump supporters booed Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters as she left a town hall meeting. They also surrounded her vehicle calling her a racist and a hateful person.

Trump supporters were protesting Maxine Waters over the weekend during her town hall meeting. A black Trump supporter went NUCLEAR on Maxine Waters calling her a ‘black racist’ and said she ‘destroyed the black community by giving all the jobs to illegal immigrants’.

Maxine Waters got booed loudly as she exited her town hall meeting. Trump supporters, clad with bullhorns, were waving their middle fingers in the air yelling at Maxine Waters as they surrounded her vehicle. They were screaming, “Maxine’s gotta go!” “Get outta here!” “Racist!”

It seems like maybe this 70 something millennial might have overshot how much people actually loved her. Just because the citizens in your district aren’t motivated enough to rock the boat and kick you out of office, that doesn’t mean that they’re in love with you (unfortunately for Waters). If the world was looking for political involvement, apparently all it takes is on loud mouth, corrupt representative who’s getting national notoriety to get it. Maybe even Californians have a tolerance level for corruption.

(GP)Trump supporter: “People are tired with your hate and your racism! All the jobs went to illegals! You have destroyed the black community! You are a black racist! You hate blacks! All the jobs went to illegals! You gave our jobs to illegals! We want you out!”

The woman continued by saying, “Maxine Waters destroyed the black community,” and she blamed Maxine Waters and politicians like her for giving jobs away to illegal aliens.

Trump supporter: “She’s gotta go! She’s paid taxpayer money to discriminate against American citizens, and we’re not going to have it! She’s been in office too long doing NOTHING! She lied to the black community saying she was going to bring us jobs. She gave those jobs to illegal criminals! We want her out! She’s been in office for too long! She’s already showing signs of dementia! She’s a hater!”

When people are coming at you with bull horns, you might want to consider that you’ve ticked them off. I know that Waters considers herself to be doing divine work when she attempts to get President Trump impeached, but we have yet to hear a valid reason other than “black power” and that Maxine doesn’t like him. She likes to blame the Ruskies every chance she gets, but with no actual proof of any collusion, that connection is as flimsy as her hold on reality.

It’s nice to see the people of California standing up to the corruption. Maybe, with a little luck, they’ll work their way over to Pelosi when they’re done with Waters.

(Source: The Gateway Pundit