Marco Rubio Makes James Comey Admit That Democrats Were 100% WRONG On Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey has been undergoing some pretty thorough questioning today by both Republicans and Democrats.

Everybody’s got questions for the guy about the circumstances surrounding the investigation into Russian tampering and his ultimate firing.

The law enforcement veteran holds his own in the wake of most of the questions being rapid fired at him, but it’s safe to say that Rep. Senator Marco Rubio might have made him lose a little ground.

Rubio’s intense questioning about exact details is enough to make anyone question the validity of the former director’s story.

We are no doubt still weeks or even months away from getting all the information about what happened and why, and there’s a possibility that the sensitive nature of some of the information will prevent it from ever seeing the light of day, but if the Democrats wanted a slam dunk against President Trump, they’re not going to have any luck with Rubio around.

The questions will no doubt keep coming, but a lot of headway has already been made, and much of it due to the former Presidential candidate from Florida.