Look: WWII Vet Sees NFL Players Protesting, Makes 1 Move That Instantly Goes Viral

Twitter’s latest hero is 97-year-old WWII veteran, John Middlemas. A picture of the vet taking a knee in support of protesting NFL players began rocketing around social media almost immediately after it was posted.

“I wanted to communicate what I always told to my grand-kids and everybody else,” Middlemas told The Springfield News-Leader. “When they’d go to bed at night, we’d tell the kids we wanted to be like Jesus.”

President Trump’s squabble with the NFL is distracting society. Even some Trump supporters were dismayed by the president’s virulence against the league. Liberals are treating Middlemas’ decision to kneel like it was a piece of heroism on par with his military exploits.

Trump’s correct that kneeling during the national anthem is rude behavior, but considering how violent the left has become the NFL’s protest is relatively tame. Trump’s never going to love seeing people disrespect the flag, but there’s nothing he can do to stop civil protests. It’s probably better just to ignore the drama. Liberal trolls are feeding off of the publicity generated by the controversy.

According to the Daily Mail: “Players from all 28 NFL teams participated in some form of protest Sunday, either locking arms or refusing to stand for the national anthem, saying that they are protesting racial and social injustice.”

(Source: Daily Mail)