Look: US-Hating NFL Stars Take Protesting To Sick New Level. They’re Doing MORE Than Kneeling

You guys, football is a serious sport. Players are political now, and they want you to know it. Kneeling during the anthem is tame; “woke” players go even further.

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett not only refuses to stand during the national anthem, during his last game he celebrated a successful sack by throwing up a glorified gang sign.

A single clenched fist, raised straight into the air, is the symbol of the notorious Black Panther Party. The group was known for its vicious tactics in the 60s and its latest iteration is even worse. At least the founding members were fighting against real injustice, however misguided their methods were. Today’s Black Panthers inherited all of the rage, but none of the rationale of their predecessors.

Bennett, in typical Millennial fashion, also likes to stir up drama when he’s off the field. One of the first lessons taught in liberal protesting 101 would be a class on hating cops. You don’t even need a reason to be against the police anymore.

Last month Bennet complained that he was racially profiled by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. According to his sob-story, he was leaving a casino when the sound of gunshots rang out. Officers then leaped on top of him out of nowhere, wrestled him to the ground, and threatened to kill him.

Law enforcement officers remember the incident a little differently.

“Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Bennett was hiding behind a gaming machine and ran when officers saw him during a second sweep of the casino. Thinking he could have been connected to the reported shooting, officers handcuffed and detained Bennett for 10 minutes after he jumped a wall into a roadway…”

Look, if I heard gunshots I’d probably be running too. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if police found that behavior to be suspicious and stopped me. Everyone’s a suspect in a chaotic situation.

Bennett, however, insists that he was victimized.

(Source: New York Post, Las Vegas Review-Journal)