Look What These Refugees Just Did To Trump’s Childhood Home

Refugees are taking over Casa Trump. The president’s former childhood home is currently overrun with refugees. Oxfam International is hosting the stunt. Anyone who’s willing to fork over $725 per night can book the residence on AirBnB.

The left really wants Trump to betray his base on immigration. It would be the ultimate liberal victory if the president could be convinced to support some sort of amnesty for illegals, or perhaps an open call for refugees.

“Knowing Donald Trump was here at the age of four makes me think about where I was at the age of four,” a woman in hijab in whines in a schmaltzy video about the Oxfam stunt.

“We’re all kids who are raised to be productive citizens, who have all these dreams and hopes… To have someone so outspoken against my community become the president of the United States was very eye-opening and hurtful because I have invested a lot in this country…”

The country has also invested a lot in her. There are millions of American citizens that could have benefited from the support that was given to her. The country would be able to maintain itself better if the government didn’t have to foot the expenses for hundreds of thousands of refugees.

“I had hopes I would get my green card and be able to visit my country,” another migrant complains.

“But since Trump was elected I don’t dare, I don’t dare leave this country and not be able to come back… I would advise him to remember, to think about how he felt when he slept in this bedroom… If he can stay in tune with who he was as a child, the compassion children have and the mercy, I would say he’s a great person.”

They could have spoken about how lucky they were to be in the country in the first place, but they apparently thought it would be more fitting to bash Trump.

(Source: New York Post)