Las Vegas Shooter’s Brain Scan Just Revealed – Here’s What Doctor’s Found…

Stephen Paddock was “normal.”

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo admitted that a preliminary brain dissection didn’t find any anomalies. He hadn’t suffered a stroke or sustained physical damage.

We’ll probably never know what motivated Paddock. He was a self-contained, insular man who carried his secrets to his grave. He didn’t leave a note because he probably didn’t care if anyone ever understood his actions.

“All those things that you would expect to find, we have not found,” Sheriff Lombardo said.

Last week, the mass murderers brother, Eric Paddock, expressed fervent hopes that an answer might be found during the autopsy.

“When Steve can do this, we are in deep s–t because there’s just nothing there,” he said.

“You find me where someone whose like Steve does this… I hope to hell they find when they do an autopsy that there’s a tumor in his head or something, because if they don’t, we’re all in trouble.”

His hopes have officially been dashed. Stephen Paddock was a monster with no mitigating factors to reduce his guilt. He killed 58 innocent concert-goers and injured hundreds more. He will be remembered as one the most hated men in American history.

(Source: New York Post)