Keith Olbermann Just Asked Trump-Hating Government Officials To Commit Treason

Apparently, the people of the United States are so desperate to hear some anti-Trump commentary that they’re willing to get their news from someone who’s career has been almost exclusively in Sports Journalism and works for GQ.

Keith Olbermann decided to make a very dramatic, very over the top heartfelt plea to the nations of the world, asking their citizens and government officials to break their own laws in order to give some relief, or at least some more comedic fodder, to the liberals in their ongoing vendetta against President Trump.

Please, grab a box of tissues, and listen to this sincere plea.

We’re not the victim of a “coup” because it’s not “a coup” when we voted for him. You’re the victim of a “loss.” You know, that thing in the real world where everybody doesn’t get a prize. Liberals are like irresponsible teenagers that have been getting everything they wanted at the expense of their hard working parents who’ve been taking their rebellion and ridiculousness on the chin. But one day, they got kicked out of the house and in this case, the house happens to be a White House and the parents are the hard working middle class.

Yes, of course, all of those people are beholding to the President HE APPOINTED THEM and he’s their boss. You’re just explaining how the government works in a scary voice and hoping that it sounds bad enough to the uneducated to make them think that things aren’t working properly. And as to the “power” that the Republicans are owned by, that’s a little thing that we call a “constituency” (*said with a scary sounding voice*). The power of “we the people” is always going to come before the freaked out insecurity of a the media and liberals gone amok.

This lunatic is actually asking the officials in government agencies abroad to break their own laws in order to bail out these distraught liberals. Umm, guys, there’s a possibility that other countries actually prosecute their traitors and leakers. Maybe, even if your complaints were valid, you should think about somebody else for once. This is 100% not their issue to deal with. President Trump was voted in by a nation that wanted someone with his brand of justice at the helm. And if you don’t like it, you’re welcome to wait out the 4 years and do something about it the old fashioned way; by running a candidate for your party that isn’t a crook.

If you wanted to shake your persona of illegal activity and blatant disregard for laws, putting forward people who are encouraging law breaking probably isn’t the way to do it. You might say that it doesn’t matter who did what when, but it’s always going to matter when someone breaks the law. Comey himself said that President Trump was completely justified in firing him at will. What this joker is proposing has absolutely not merit or ethical basis other than “we don’t like him and we think he’ll make our lives harder.” Well, if you’re as big of a criminal as you’re encouraging others to be, that’s probably true.

I’m sorry you’re so freaked out, I really am. I all wish that everyone could be happy all at the same time, but conservatives haven’t been happy for the last 8 years, and that’s why we finally elected someone that we wanted in office. On the bright side, if Sarah McLachlan is ever busy, the ASPCA can always hit up Keith Olbermann for their commercials. He seems to have the over emotionalism down pat.

(Source: The Blaze)