Julian Assange Dropped A Bombshell About Comey’s Firing That Silenced Every Trump Hater

It’s pretty much the left’s very favorite thing to say that President Trump is doing something wrong. The worse they can make him look, the better they like it, with no regard for how their petty antics are making the nation look to outsiders.

In their quest to make the Republican look bad, though, they sometimes forget that Democrats did the very same thing. That’s the case with President Trump’s firing of James Comey. While it’s not a common thing, it’s also not the first time an FBI director has been dismissed by a President.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was quick to point that out.

It should be the concern of every elected official that the various law enforcement agencies stay impartial and above involvement in politics. Sadly, it’s more common for dirty politicians to want to be sure that there are strategically placed officials that can be bent to their own will. When this is the case (as it was the last few presidential terms) the whole justice system starts to break down and the will of the people is ultimately circumvented by those appointed instead of elected. If the President can’t hold them accountable, I don’t know who can.

The next time you see a liberal complaining about the President cracking down on something, look around and ask yourself if they’re complaining on behalf of the person affected of if they’re more likely scared for their own future. Of course, no one wants a President with too much power, but corruption is corruption is corruption and no matter what big name is doing it, it should be put to an early end.

(Source: Twitter)