Judge Jeanine Pirro Asked Trump Why He’s Better Than Obama. His Answer Was PERFECT.

The burning question on everybody’s mind seems to be “who is better, Trump or Obama?” I feel like I know the answer, but then so does everybody else. If the Commander in Chief’s job is to look out for the American people, then maybe he should be judged by that; what is his ability (and follow through) on keeping Americans safe.

Judge Jeanine Pirro took her opportunity to ask the President what he plans to accomplish in an upcoming trip, and he demonstrated exactly what he thinks one of his biggest accomplishments to date are:

“President Obama worked three-and-a-half years to try and get her out. He was unable to get her out… Within one minute, we made an agreement.”

I’m sure at some point you’ve been talking to someone in customer service and running in some kind of frustrating circle, because they’re not allowed to make a decision, so you ask to talk to the supervisor only to learn that they are the supervisor. That’s kind of what it was like for other countries dealing with President Obama. He was supposed to be in charge, the single person in the three branches of government able to move unilaterally, but his real boss was the democratic party, and those pulling the money strings. His hands were so tied with trying to keep the people that he wasn’t supposed to be answering to happy that he couldn’t keep Americans safe.

It remains to be seen exactly what the President will do with the rest of his time in office, but if I were the one rotting in a foreign prison, I’d choose President Trump over Obama to be the one answering the phone when my ransom call comes in.

(Source: Facebook)