It’s Official: Loretta Lynch Is Finished.

The Obama administration reveled in secrecy and deceit, and no no one’s surprise, Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is back in the news as journalists continue to unravel her lies.

Remember her mysterious tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton during the election? Lynch was so afraid of what people meet learn, that she crafted a fake persona just to hammer out details with Department of Justice spokespeople.

Elizabeth Carlisle. That’s the name Lynch used to facilitate her lies. Her meeting with Bill was hugely controversial because at the time she was leading the investigation into Bill’s wife Hillary.

What did the two talk about? We know that the Justice Department eventually dropped the Clinton investigation without filing charges. Why?

The Federalist reports: “Using fake names was a common tactic among Obama administration officials to evade accountability. AG Eric Holder, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson all did so when serving in public offices during Obama’s tenure. Lois Lerner, an IRS official who has been suspected of using the tax-collecting agency to target conservative nonprofit organizations, is also thought tohave used an email address registered to a pseudonym to conduct official business.”

Lynch claims that Bill surprised on her airplane and that the two spoke about their grandchildren. It’s an absurd lie, but I suppose that there isn’t much that she could say that would make sense. Obviously no one was ever supposed to know about the meeting.

Using the Elizabeth Carlisle handle, Lynch worked closely with DOJ employees to spin the narrative.

Hillary may have escaped from jail, but at least the White House has been purged of liars. President Trump’s loud, brash honesty is refreshing.

(Source: The Federalist)