Is Linda Sarsour, The Media’s Favorite Radical Muslim, Stealing From Hurricane Harvey Victims?

Liberals are resorting to grubby tactics to promote their agenda. The devastation wreaked by Hurricane Harvey is being politicized by fringe leftists. Muslim apologist Linda Sarsour has been soliciting donations for a Trump-hating liberal political group disguised as a hurricane “relief” fund.

Why donate to victims when you can donate to smarmy activists and lobbyists? Sarsour’s mind is so twisted she probably believes she was doing something good for society.

Reasonable people, however, believe that diverting relief funds from hurricane victims is almost criminal in its viciousness. 30,000 Texans are crammed into state’s emergency shelters. They need cash a lot more the Texas Organizing Project (TOP), the group that Sarsour was raising funds for.

“While we are deeply saddened and disheartened with the results of the presidential election, Donald Trump’s win only strengthens our resolve to fight even harder for marginalized communities,” TOP’s website reads.

Their paltry idea of disaster relief is expressed as an intention to “organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.”

In other words, any money you give them to help Texas will be funneled to illegals. It’s quite sick to use an American tragedy as an excuse to promote illegal immigration.

(Source: Breitbart)