Homosexual Couple Brutally Beaten By Muslims, Liberals look The Other Way

Of all the ridiculous made up names that the liberals like to give to free thinking Americans “Islamophobic” is probably the most ridiculous. The name brings with it the connotation that we see a group of people and immediately, and maliciously, endow them with horrible traits they don’t possess.

There are a couple of problems with that, but the most prevalent is that there are not many horrible things that we as first world dwellers can imagine which is outside the good conscious of a Muslim on the war path of Jihad.

Here’s just one fantastic example of what happens when you exist in the world of Islam and don’t obey their laws.

Via Breitbart News:

Gay rights campaigner Javid Nabiyev posted a video to his Facebook page claiming that two Serbian men who had come to Germany as asylum seekers were beaten within an inch of their lives at an asylum home, with both being hospitalised. He released partial footage from the aftermath of the beating which showed a man lying battered and bloody on the floor next to him.

He went on to say that they attempted to hide their sexuality from the other asylum seekers – a move which was recommended by social workers.

The attack is the latest in a number of attacks on homosexuals in asylum homes or by asylum seekers, many of whom are Muslim.  Some, like Nabiyev, have demanded separate accommodations for homosexual migrants, who they deem as being at particular risk of violence.

In order for Islamaphobia to be a real thing that people should be worried about, there would need to be no real threat, and obviously, there is a threat. People argue that there shouldn’t be a death penalty at all in the United States, and yet the death penalty seems to be just about the only speed that Muslims have.

A phobia, by definition, is an irrational fear and it usually brings with it the desire to destroy the thing which one is afraid of. I would submit that no amount of fear of Islam is irrational. I think the ideology’s pattern of converting by violence should make all of us quiver in fear. And as to the distortion of Islam; most Americans don’t particularly wish radical Muslims harm, aside from what they deserve according to the crimes they commit.

If they want to take their insane and abusive behavior to a desert island and not hurt the innocent, more power to them. Just don’t call me ridiculous for wanting to avoid a beating because I don’t agree with them.

(Source: Breitbart News)