Here’s What No One Wants You To Ask About The Murder Of Seth Rich

As the people that make up “we the people,” it’s our job to ask questions, and make sure that our elected officials are actually doing what we send them to Washington to do. It’s their job to answer to us, because it’s our government, they’re just living in it. A lot of people, especially those who consider themselves a part of the “ruling class” like to forget that, but at this point, it’s still within our powers to remind them.

That’s why some of us out here in the real world are desperate to know what is going on with the murder investigation into DNC staffer and suspected Wikileaks source, Seth Rich. In case you don’t remember, Seth Rich was murdered in an uppity D.C. neighborhood, in an event that was ruled a random act of violence. In a place that rarely sees violence. Oh, and whoever did it forgot to take his wallet and valuables. I guess they wouldn’t want a Jon Doe situation on their hands if they’re trying to send a message.

So, if the DNC is responsible for doing a little bit of extra-legal problem solving, why does the GOP not want to expose them for it? That’s the question on a few people’s minds at the moment.

See the scary version of that question below:

Maybe they don’t want to assume that another political party would stoop that low. Maybe they don’t want to dignify the allegations with answers. Maybe there are all kinds of reasons for them not following up on the murder investigation of one of their own Washingtonites. But as their bosses, you and I are entitled to make them answer those questions because it could be totally on the up and up. . . but what are the chances?

(H/T: Red State Watcher)