Here’s What It’s Really Like To Live In Merkel’s Muslim Immigrant Nightmare

German culture is crumbling. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s controversial decision to offer refuge to the world’s migrants has backfired spectacularly. German men and women now live in fear.

During a taped interview, an anonymous German man dared to discuss the problems facing his countries. He destroyed the liberal “assimilation” narrative, explaining that most migrants can’t speak the language and are either unemployed or work dead-end jobs.

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Allowing migrant to live unmolested in Germany has done almost nothing to mitigate the violence in the Middle East or the sufferings of North Africa. Instead, Merkel’s rash plan has infested Germany with turbulent Islamic extremists.

“For instance, why did the immigrants show themselves in such a striking manner during last year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations in Germany – particularly in the infamous Cologne ‘night of rape’? Because they were brought up in different, more severe traditions, and consider Europeans, with their gender freedoms, to be [a civilization that is] ‘finished’, from the moral standpoint, and thus not deserving of respect,” Russian Europe observer Igor Pshenichnikov told Sputnik News.

The dictates of conservative Islam are completely antithetical to secularism. Christianity is also at odds with the brutal religion. Someone who was raised in a strict Muslim household will naturally experience a culture shock as he or she learns more of Western society.

“We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other people, as well as a different understanding of society and law. Germany agencies are unable to deal with these imported security problems and the resulting reactions from German people,” reads a German intelligence report leaked last year.

Germany’s problem won’t be easy to solve. Deporting a criminal is significantly more difficult preventing him from entering in the first place. Who knows how many innocent lives will be derailed because of migrant violence.

“German students on bicycles whizz past the 19th-century Gothic cathedral as tourists enjoy the open-air cafes and spring flowers. Yet it has the highest crime rate in this part of Germany, and by night many women dare not walk or drive alone. They go to local clubs in large groups to protect themselves from being groped, or worse, by the huge numbers of foreign men settling here,” wrote journalist Sue Reid.

(Source: Sputnik News, Daily Mail)