GOP Staffer Shot To Death In His Sleep

Former GOP staffer and campaign worker Nick Corvino was found shot to death in his own bed Tuesday morning. His body was riddled with 13 gunshot wounds. When police arrived, his roommate Scott Waddell opened the door covered in blood.

Waddell claims that he has no idea what happened after he went to bed. He claims that he and the victim spent Monday night chugging beers and watching TV. When Waddell woke up the next day Corvino was dead and police were at the door.

“He explained he suffers from nightmares and sometimes has homicidal thoughts wanting to kill young men,” the police report reads.

Adding to the mystery, Waddell also claimed that he and Corvino had been best friends for over a decade. So what happened? There’s almost explanation for the crime doesn’t involve Waddell being the perpetrator.

According to the New York Post: “Covino was a central Florida regional manager for Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater… He worked as a field director on Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s re-election campaign, and also served as a former district administrator for Florida state Rep. Jason Brodeur, who is a Republican.”

He also worked as President Trump’s central Florida political director during his campaign.

Corvino’s life was taken far too soon. He had friends, family, and a political future ahead of him.

(Source: New York Post)