The Future Of Columbus Day Was Just Dealt A Devastating Blow

The left is still waging its war against holidays. They’re gearing up for their yearly Christmas complaints and attempting to abolish Columbus Day in the meantime. Multiple liberal cities now celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead.

Portland, Maine just became the latest city to adopt the new holiday.

I love holidays. If Indigenous Peoples Day is going to become a thing, that’s awesome. There’s too much time between the Fourth of July and Halloween. What’s not cool, however, is replacing Columbus Day.

History can’t be changed. If we start judging past characters by modern morals we’ll be forced to disavow most of our history. Christopher Columbus committed atrocities, that’s true, but he also helped shape the future of North America. The indigenous people who were alive at the time also routinely engaged in violence.

“Not only is it appropriate to our local history, but also to recognize and value indigenous people everywhere,” Durham Town Administrator Todd Selig said. “The designation will encourage residents to learn more about the legacy of Christopher Columbus and the ‘Doctrine of Discovery,’ while also recognizing the devastating effects of colonialism on indigenous peoples.”

Earlier this month Los Angeles city officials made the same decision. It feels like every piece of American history is now up for debate. The left wants to tear down “offensive” statutes; they want to restrict free speech.

“Removing Columbus Day and replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day is the appropriate action for this city to take,” Councilman Mitch O’Farrell said.

“We must send a signal to Washington D.C. that there is no better day to honor our original inhabitants while highlighting the absurdity of celebrating a historical figure responsible for such profound suffering…”

Columbus’ journey to America changed the course of history. No amount of liberal complaints can change that.

(Source: New York Post)