Fox News Host Knocks Out Trump-Haters Around The Country With One Little Fact About Hillary

There’s no doubt that it’s the American people’s job to take their safety into their own hands and hold the President’s feet to the fire about national security issues. It might even be the job of the political parties to point the attention in the direction that their people might want. It’s, however, not the job of the media to whip people up into a panic about political issues and take sides when it comes to the parties and their turf war.

While many journalists cross that line on a daily basis, there are even times when someone’s journalistic side has to speak up. Charles Krauthammer who was at one time described as “70 percent Mondale liberal, 30 percent ‘Scoop Jackson Democrat,'” had to speak up when the DNC, with the media’s help, tried to freak America out.

First off, I’m not sure who reads those reports from the political parties, except for the Washington insiders and reporters (sometimes the same thing, I know). They’re quoting this like it’s a legitimate news source when it’s an opposing party’s opinion on something that President Trump did. I’ve got news for y’all, in case you haven’t been paying attention. The DNC hates everything Trump does and thinks it’s all going to kill us. Probably before lunch tomorrow.

If the media needs something to talk about, they could just go on political rants themselves. Oh wait, they already do that. I’m not saying don’t report on it, but when it comes to unreliable sources, I think a President’s still sore for losing opposing political party isn’t the place to start.

(Source: Daily Caller)