FBI Finds Vegas Shooter’s Neighbors, But That’s When Things Take Unexpected Turn

His neighbors are baffled.

What drove Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to attack? He was wealthy, retired, and for a 64-year-old man, relatively healthy. The million dollar question is what went wrong?

“Nothing about politics,” said next-door neighbor Sharon Judy, insisting that Paddock didn’t strike her as political.

“We moved in at the same time as him… He said he bought the place as an investment. He told me he liked to speculate on the price of a home going up.”

Cecelia Franzen, meanwhile, Paddock’s other next-door neighbor, said that: “He didn’t talk about religion.”

Most of the deranged maniacs who attempt to murder hundreds of people act out of insanity, religious motivations, or political concerns. None of those answers seem to fit Paddock’s story.

“He came maybe five or six times in the two years he owned the house,” Judy said. “He said he was a professional gambler and showed me a photo on his cell phone of a slot machine that paid him $20,000.”

There are speculations that Paddock’s rage was really directed at the casino, where he potentially lost tens of thousands of dollars. Investigators say, however, that his finances were in order. Whatever his gambling debts were, it appears that he had the money to pay them.

“Those who knew Paddock in the adult 55+ Heritage Isle community say they’d never thought in their wildest imagination that Paddock, whom they referred to as a ‘senior citizen,’ would kill 59 people and wound 527 in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history,” The Daily Mail reports.

(Source: Daily Mail)