Entire NFL Just Got Blindsided With Devastating News

It’s safe to say the nation’s most popular sport is undergoing an identity crisis. In the wake of league-wide protests against the nation’s police and president, the NFL is reeling from fan outrage. Unsurprisingly, fans don’t want their sports politicized, and have thus begun abandoning ship, taking their attention and money elsewhere.

After less than a week of protests, the NFL has received devastating news that’s certain to have executives scrambling to think up a solution.

As reported at the Daily Caller, a new survey indicates that the favorability rating of the NFL among those that support Trump for president has been cut in half in merely a week’s time. Of course, this comes in response to seeing 200 players take a knee rather than stand and respect the flag during the national anthem.

The survey, conducted by the Morning Consult group, paints a disastrous picture for the NFL. The rating was already very low thanks to last year’s protests, but that and the increasing mix of politics into the sport has poisoned fans perception of the league.

The rating was at 30 percent on September 21, but it precipitously dropped all the way to 17 percent by September 28. Who knows where it’ll be next week if the players keep this up.

Delving deeper into the numbers, on the 21st, 25 percent of Trump supporters had a very favorable view of the league, while only 11 percent a very unfavorable one. By the 28th, that dramatically changed, as 33 percent said they now had a very unfavorable view and only 16 percent a favorable one.

A kindergartener could look at these numbers and understand what they mean. The league is in serious trouble, but it’s entirely deserved and of their own making. The NFL’s been flirting with the Left while ignoring the feelings of their fans, which are predominately working class.

They could have nipped this problem in the bud last year, but they let it fester. Now it’s gangrenous and infected the entire league. The NFL has a monumental task before it is it wants to restore the faith and trust of its fans, but don’t expect the feckless people running the show to figure out a solution anytime soon.

and Source: Daily Caller