Democrat Betrays His Own Party To Warn America About “Deep State” Shadow Government

There was a time when Republicans and Democrats were the names that belonged to people with opposing in beliefs but a common goal of achieving the best possible government. They disagreed on the ideology and path that would get them there, but the general goal at least was to keep everyone in America happy and healthy.

Today, those two groups are more like the warring governments of 2 countries, fighting for the land that they both plan to claim. If you were unsure of it before, you can be confident now. I’ve no doubt that there are some very genuine Democratic politicians out there, but it appears that the ones who make good, are the ones tho bow to the shady powers that be. It’s no longer just the Republicans who say that. This Democrat told Sean Hannity about just how out of hand the “deep state” has become.

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Former Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) warned of the deep state and the attempted coup by intelligence back in February when intelligence officials unmasked and leaked transcripts on Michael Flynn to the liberal media.

If what he’s saying is true, it makes sense of so much that’s been going on. The backlash to President Trump has been extreme, even for a party who is upset over their loss. It’s not just extreme in emotion, but in funds. How does anyone on the front lines of “the resistance” have the money to be funding the rallies and marches and such as that. It’s not an election cycle, somebody has got to be pushing this, and it makes sense that those with a whole lot to lose would be funneling their resources toward it.

The great danger here is that this group has no respect for the checks and balances of government. There’s no face to hold accountable, there’s just a web of manipulators and people being pushed around with heaven only knows who pulling the strings. THIS is the critical time to pay attention and make sure that anyone who dares to fight against this dark force has the support that they need to do so. If President Trump doesn’t prevail, who knows what we’ll be left with.

(Source: The Gateway Pundit)